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Hello guys i’m fullstack web developer i used vue.js for 3 years and recently i began evaluating every part i do with react. For instance this month i began a brand new undertaking with vue3 and firebase i seemed for some helper library i discovered vuefire however it makes use of vue 2 and firebase 7, present model vue 3 firebase 9 and have so many points and never so energetic in comparison with reactfire the place it is already supporting firebase 9. And extra importantly i did an enormous mistake in my profession i did not concentrate on enhancing and do code testing, writing with typescript, contributing, and that i need to make a seriously change. So i made a decision to change to react and study typescript and study TDD and begin contributing and i do not know the place to start out. I’m positive many individuals are dealing with the identical situation and wanting to enhance like me if anybody to hitch me on this journey will probably be nice, and if there are somebody who can mentor us or present some street map and sources will probably be superior.

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