Construction Your React Redux App

React is the preferred Javascript library for constructing person interfaces. React doesn’t have any normal folder construction to group the elements and logic. React App may be structured in any means primarily based on the venture wants. 

However the improper structuring of the React App will result in have an effect on the app scalability and maintainability. Because the App grows, We would add new and take away some outdated options, so every element must be loosely coupled with one another. Let see construction the React app to keep away from such points.

We have to group recordsdata primarily based on the characteristic. That’s, All recordsdata of a characteristic are in the identical folder. Please examine the beneath picture for folder construction

Within the above picture we will see the folders of the react app, let’s break down every folder goal.


World app setup and configuration utilized by your complete app are outlined in app folder as beneath, which incorporates axiosClient, rootReducer, saga and retailer.



Reusable helpers, shared elements, hooks, and so on are outlined in frequent folder.



Function particular elements, Slice (Redux reducer logic and related actions - Redux Toolkit), APIs and kinds are positioned within the options folder.



Parts personal, public routes are outlined in routes folders. Route restriction primarily based on authentication is dealt with right here.



Static property like Photographs, recordsdata, icons are positioned within the property listing.



Unit take a look at instances and their mock goes to the checks listing. 



World kinds, theme configuration is positioned within the fashion folder.


Utilizing the above characteristic folder construction, We are able to simply take away or add a characteristic associated code with out points. The characteristic folder construction is beneficial by the redux style guide. By utilizing Redux Toolkit, We’ve got prevented boilerplate code like actions and reducers.

Must know extra about Redux ToolKit. Take a look at my article related to the redux toolkit.


  1. Ducks Proposal
  2. File Structuring
  3. Redux Toolkit


Function folder primarily based file structuring will make react app extra maintainable, scalable and loosely coupled.

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