Simple React Desk


A easy batteries included desk element for React tasks.

Say howdy to ez-react-table!


I construct a variety of admin associated dashboards and needed a desk that simply works. A desk with nearly no setup and a pleasant person expertise.


Out of the field you get a search bar, sorting, virtualized rows, and a few easy efficient styling. Moreover, it’s arbitrary so as to add customized parts to row cells.


npm i ez-react-table
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import * as React from "react";
import EzReactTable from "ez-react-table";

// faux knowledge
const knowledge = Array.from(Array(20))
  .map((i) => [
    { first: "Michael", last: "Myers" },
    { first: "Laurie", last: "Strode" },
    { first: "Samuel", last: "Loomis" },
  .cut back((a, c) => [...a, ...c], []);

// outline columns
const cols = [
    title: "First",
    width: 200,
    key: "first",
    title: "Last",
    width: 200,
    key: "last",
    title: "Actions",
    width: 100,
    key: "action",
    center: true,
    render: (value, object) => (
      <button onClick={() => alert(JSON.stringify(object))}>View</button>

operate App() {
  return (
    <div className="App">
      <EzReactTable cols={cols} knowledge={knowledge} />

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Thanks for studying. At all times desirous about options.


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