: For Discord Bots

What’s Airi API?

Airi is an API that gives Anime Waifus, Information, Quote data.

What’s is an async wrapper for Airi API written in Python, that permits you to use Airi API instantly. This library is very made for discord bots.

An Instance:

That is simply an instance;

import airi
from discord.ext import instructions

bot = instructions.Bot(command_prefix='!')

async def on_ready():
    print(f'{bot.person.title} has related to Discord!')

async def take a look at(ctx):
    consumer = airi.Consumer("TOKEN") #the place, TOKEN your AIRI BOT TOKEN
    truth = await consumer.truth()
    await ctx.ship(truth.truth)'DISCORD BOT TOKEN')
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It is really quite simple to make use of!
For extra instance, check more examples here.
Need to know get began? check quickstart guide here.

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