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–DAY 5–
Hello, I’m going to make #100DaysOfCode Problem.On a regular basis I’ll attempt remedy 1 drawback from leetcode or hackerrank. Hope you possibly can go together with me till finish.
Now let’s remedy drawback right this moment:
-Downside: Quantity Line Jumps
-My resolution (javascript):

operate kangaroo(x1, v1, x2, v2) {
    whereas(x1 >= 0){
        //in the event that they in identical place 
        if(x1==x2) return 'YES';
        //caculate the space of two kangaroo
        let distance = Math.abs(x1-x2);
        //kangaroo 1 transfer
        //kangaroo 2 transfer
        //if the space between 2 kangaroo longer or no change, they'll by no means meet
        if(Math.abs(x1-x2)>=distance) return 'NO';
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–>If in case you have higher resolution or any query, please remark beneath. I’ll recognize.

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