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A good essay from Jean Yang.

What I imply by developer expertise is the sum whole of how developers interface with their instruments, end-to-end, day-in and day-out. Positive, there’s extra focus than ever on how developers use and undertake instruments, and there are total talks and panels dedicated to the subject of so-called “DX” — but massive elements of developer expertise are nonetheless largely ignored. With developers spending lower than a 3rd of their time truly writing code, developer expertise consists of all the opposite stuff: sustaining code, testing, safety points, addressing incidents, and extra. And lots of of those facets of developer expertise proceed getting ignored as a result of they’re complicated, they’re messy, they usually don’t have “silver bullet” options.

She makes the case that DX has maybe been typically oversimplified and there are classes of instruments which have very completely different DX:

My main revelation was that there are literally two categories of tools — and subsequently, two completely different classes of developer expertise wants: abstraction instruments (which assume we code in a vacuum) and complexity-exploring instruments (which assume we work in complicated environments). Most developer expertise till now has been solely centered on the previous class of abstraction, the place there are extra easy methods to know good developer expertise than the previous. 

Jogs my memory of how Shawn thinks:

It’s time we glance past the simple questions in developer expertise and begin addressing the uncomfortable ones.

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