Which Programing Language you Study First

i do know you could have a query now we have so many programing language which i be taught first is that this C, or Java or some factor else

i do know that ache, i can really feel

Who am i

hey, i’m a frontend Full stack web developer, and i’ve 2+ years of expreince.

What you be taught first

firs of all alternative your path if you wish to go together with frontend then the trail is differnt and if you wish to go together with backend then the trail is totally different.


if you wish to be web developer and you might be interset in frontend then go JavaScript, as a result of the web is construct is javascript, and it’s best to grasp it.

right here the roadmap for javascript

  • variable (let vs const)
  • loops
  • conditional
  • operate
  • es6 syntax
  • async/await
  • fetch api
  • callback
  • and lots of extra….

for who they’re curiosity in frontend and wish to be a frontend developer than extremely suggestion go together with javascript


who these are curiosity in backend and a few server aspect logic so you could have so many alternative you could have : python, javascript, php, ruby, java

choose one in all these and grasp the language, this weblog is for who’re they newbie stage talent set.

so i suggestion go together with python or javascript. choose one in all theese . in case you are nonetheless confused choose javascript becasue you have to be taught one language and doing 100 factor.

javascript is server aspect platefrom referred to as node.js.
node.js is javascript run time made by google and it is based mostly on v8 engine.

node.js is a straightforward and quick solution to be taught backend. in node.js you have to use categorical.js, categorical.js a web framework based mostly on node.js thats made node merely for you

now i factor you might be all clear.

in case your are a newbie than begin with javascript and also you havesome

exprence than go together with python.

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