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SQL is the usual language for the Relational Database, for storing, manipulating and retrieving saved information. For fundamentals of SQL (link)

A Saved Process is a SQL code that we will save, so the code could be reused time and again.
So, if we now have any SQL question which we write again and again, we will use it as a saved process in order that we will simply name it to execute it.

The Syntax for creating the saved process

Executing saved process

Image description

Saved Process with Parameters

So as to add Parameters within the process, first, we have to alter the process for which we will use ALTER process assertion as follows:

Image description

To Execute the above saved process, we now have to declare a variable for output parameter and specify the parameter as out

Image description

Identical to this, we will additionally set a number of parameters by separating every parameter and the information sort with a comma

Drop a saved process

To drop a saved process, use the DROP assertion as follows:


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