Javascript Object fundamentals

What’s an object in JavaScript?

Any factor that’s not a js primitive is an object. An object is a set of keys with there personal values or key worth pairs. Every worth could be of any sort.

  • An object is saved within the heap reminiscence. All javascript objects preserve a reference to it, versus a full copy of it. When checking for object equality, it checks the reference – not the precise worth of properties making objects mutable.

How do you create and object?

Listed below are 3 ways we create an object in javaScript are:

  1. Object literal

    // we're literaly typing out our object. 
    const objectOne = {};
  2. new Object();

    // use the js new key phrase to create a brand new object.
    const objectTwo = new Object();
  3. Object.create({ })

    // creates a brand new object from an current object.
    const objectTwo = Object.create({ });


    • Property is one other time period used for key worth pairs which might be saved in an object.
    • Names of properties are distinctive values that may be coerced to a string not together with phrases like operate, var, return. The title or key factors to a worth.
    • Property values could be of any sort. Together with capabilities witch we name strategies.

    Manipulating Properties

    Setting properties could be accomplished at two levels.

    • Through the creation of our object.
    • After the creation of our object.

    Including properties throughout its creation

    • as of ES6 (ECMAScript 6) we will additionally use a brand new brief hand for setting properties whos worth and title are the identical.
    // within the creation on this object we're declaring its properties.
     const anime = { 
        title: 'naruto',
        discription: 'an anime a few ninja who's simply attempting to be hokage',
      isLigit, 'isLigit'
        const anime = {
        title: 'naruto',
        discription: 'an anime a few ninja who's simply attempting to be hokage',
      isLigit // ES6 no must state the worth if it's the similar as the important thing

    Two methods of including properties after its creation

    • Dot notation & Bracket notation
      Dot notation can solely entry names or keys that don’t stat with a digit or doesn’t embrace areas

      // this works
      anime.score = '100/10';
      // this doesn't title = 'Jay';

      Bracket notation has no drawback accessing names or keys that begins with a digit or incorporates areas.

      anime[20] = '100/10'
      anime['my name'] = 'Jay';

      Getting properties

      We are able to properties in the identical approach we set them.

      const anime = anime.title;
      console.log(anime) // logs 'naruto'
      const anime = anime['title'];
      console.log(anime) // logs 'naruto'

      Deleting properties.

      Object Properties could be deleted utilizing the delete key phrase.

      delete anime.title;

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