How I ended up making a JAMstack app on Rails & Vue

Amongst tech stacks, pairing Rails as backend and Vue as frontend with a JAMstack method has received to be one of many weirder combos…

“I WON!” I felt like a lottery winner after I lastly made an API-first app. One which works not simply in native however in manufacturing, out in the actual world. It’s a todo listing app, with Ruby on Rails REST API as backend, and a Vue.js app as frontend to fetch information from the API.

However amongst tech stacks, this has received to be one of many weirder combos. Pairing Vue with Node, yeah extra regular. Or any of the newer and fashionable frameworks to deal with the backend server. Rails is normally considered a monolith, not fairly for JAMstack. So how did I come to this combo?

From Rails to JAMstack to Vue

Once I found JAMstack, I knew it in my intestine (despite the fact that I’m a coding noob at the moment) that I need to discover this tech stack for making web apps, and finally my SaaS. However I didn’t know methods to get there. I dabbled with Stackbit then and it was such a good way to slowly orientate myself to JAMstack, since you’ll be able to actually spin up a JAMstack web site in minutes utilizing Stackbit. I made tiny customizations to the template, slowly start to learn a bit of JSX/React/Gatsby, how every part related collectively.

However how do I make an API, and which frontend framework ought to I take advantage of to fetch information from it? I knew a little bit of Ruby on Rails by then (from my studying to code journey the yr earlier than), and I at all times felt that making a backend on Rails felt inside my attain. It wasn’t as scary as utilizing different frameworks. And I’d achieved it with Rails earlier than already. So I made a decision to go for Rails as my backend framework of alternative.

Then I (re-)began my journey of studying methods to code, this time with Vue.js. AN hour of code on a regular basis. Simply begin. I received impressed by what @dannypostmaa was doing along with his product Headlime. He additionally didn’t know methods to code eight months in the past! When requested, he mentioned he picked up Vue.js as a result of it seems best to begin. So I researched a bit, and found it suited my programming style. It may be adopted progressively, and all that’s wanted was so as to add a script to the html file, identical to the great outdated jQuery days. That was acquainted as a result of all of the HTML, CSS and JS had been all used the identical manner I used to be used to in web development 101. It was not so scary not like React, Subsequent.js and Gatsby the place every part was JS, even in a HTML file.

Studying Vue and the primary style of the enjoyment of coding

Studying Vue had been such a pleasure. I may by no means have identified that I’d take pleasure in coding this enjoyable, all due to a framework that was suited to me. However extra importantly, I additionally discovered incremental methods to study coding and to remain motivated, by looking mini Vue initiatives on Codepen, and studying from them.

And now, after nearly two months of feeling my manner by coding on Vue after which Rails, I’ve a production-level sort of app (albeit a really primary one) utilizing that Rails-Vue stack. It felt like I’d come so removed from solely understanding methods to make informational web sites utilizing HTML, CSS and JS. Or to go even additional again, from making websites utilizing WordPress.

And one of the best half?

That sense of pleasure and chance, from what was a tiny little spark, to what’s a blazing fireplace at this time.

Now that’s treasured past measure.

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