Developer Profile Packages – Why and Why not

Perhaps you’ve got heard…. or possibly not ?

I simply realized a factor.
You can also make your profile as a package deal. And never only a package deal, a dev profile on pypi (pip) or npm. Nearly any package deal supervisor.

By making a cli app in python (pip), .NET (nuget) or node (npm), and globalizing it, you can also make your app spit out details about you when its referred to as.


Properly, its only a cool and inventive technique to present individuals your dev profile.

Why not

Some occasions, It simply is not cool. In case you make a package deal with the title as a username that is associated to a precise package deal, you are in hassle. For instance, there may be this package deal referred to as pyplot in python however to put in it, you’d run pip set up plot and never ‘pip set up pyplot’. Any new developer who desires to only obtain code and run would discover it powerful when the error says to put in pyplot. Naturally, the developer would run pip set up pyplot after which, you somebody made a dev profile package deal referred to as pyplot (is perhaps their username?), the brand new dev would get additional confused when the code does not work.


You can maybe title your package deal as profile-pyplot as an alternative of pyplot which does not confuse individuals however some (unhealthy?) developers wouldn’t take heed to this and proceed complicated individuals.

With nice energy, comes nice duty
– A pleasant developer.

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