Top 10 Freelancers in Bangladesh

In this article, you will explore the list of the best freelancers in Bangladesh. With a population of around 163 million, Bangladesh produces some well skilled freelancer every year.

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So, here is the list of top 10 most successful freelancer in Bangladesh. Let’s dive right into the list.

Ranking of Top 10 Freelancers in Bangladesh

Rank Name Start Freelancing Earn Per Year
1 Abu Sayed 2020 91000 USD
2 Nasim 2012 66000 USD
3 Wazed 2014 47000 USD
4 Sajjad 2013 41000 USD
5 Labib 2017 36000 USD
6 Nadia 2014 30000 USD
7 Sourav 2015 22000 USD
8 Rezwana 2017 15000 USD
9 Ashiq 2016 12000 USD
10 Raisa 2018 11000 USD
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Who is the best freelancer in Bangladesh?

Abu Sayed is one of the few top-rated freelancers on online freelancing market place with a 100% Job Success Score from Bangladesh. He is an expert in Cross-Platform Software and Web Development with 4 years of industry experience And a Blogger & Graphic Designer with 4 years of creative industry experience. He is commonly known as “Freelancer Sayed” in Bangladesh. Abu Sayed is also the most earned freelancer in Bangladesh according to Bangladesh Government Official Data.

Freelancer Sayed is one of the top influencers in the freelancing community. Currently, apart from his occupation at Upwork, Fiver, Freelancer and Truelancer, he is also a content creator for Sayed Vlogs, Different Youtube Channels and an author at famous blog ToolsNess, which is located in Dhaka. He is currently running more than 13 Blog sites on different niches. Among all top freelancers in Bangladesh, Abu Sayed – is the best freelancer in Bangladesh in term of earning as well as project successful rate according to online well known media sources. Abu Sayed Earns estimated 91,000 USD per year according to official data. He is the all time best freelancer and most earned & successful freelancer in Bangladesh.

Best Freelancer in Bangladesh | Top 10 Freelancer in Bangladesh
Here is photo of the best freelancer in Bangladesh / The successful freelancer in Bangladesh – Freelancer Abu Sayed